Symposium 2020


Join us as we raise the bar in continuing education by getting some of the best minds in movement together for a weekend of collaboration and integration. We'll have some lecture from each of our amazing presenters on principles and strategies that make up a well-rounded R2P practitioner/coach, and will have demonstrations of patient/client flow in real time to showcase how to 'put it all together' to help the person in front of you aka. N=1. To top it off, we'll also have a discussion panel and Q& won't want to miss the knowledge shared!


Brett Winchester, DC

When not practicing at Winchester Spine and Sport, Dr. Brett Winchester teaches around the globe. In 2018, Dr. Brett Winchester lectured in six countries conducting 30 seminars for doctors, students and therapists.

Dr. Brett Winchester served as team chiropractor for the St. Louis Cardinals for 3 seasons and teaches for: Logan University and its College of Chiropractic, the Motion Palpation Institute, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, and The Chiropractic Rehabilitation Diplomate, to name a few. Dr. Brett Winchester’s studies and lectures have taken him to England, Prague, Chile, Sweden, Norway, Canada and across the United States to teach the latest manual therapy research and techniques.

In his free time, Dr. Brett Winchester enjoys spending time with his family, including wife Cheri Thornhill Winchester, a lifelong resident of Lincoln County, and his children Grace and Wade. His hobbies include cycling, snow and water skiing, soccer, tennis and reading.

Courtney Conley DC

Dr. Conley is the owner and operator of Total Health Solutions in Colorado.  She also is the founder of Gait Happens.  Her personal journey of becoming a foot and gait expert began years ago when she attended chiropractic school in Chicago, Illinois.  She was fortunate enough to study under the top experts in her field.  This began a long journey of working in several orthotic labs, wearing orthotics herself for years, and realizing that something was a miss as she was in constant pain chasing symptoms.

Today, Dr. Conley is on the forefront of educating the public on the benefits of foot health.   It is her passion and desire to see people eliminate foot pain and begin moving better, eliminating unnecessary procedures and chronic pain.  She is enjoying consulting with clients all over the world as well as teaching her lower extremity course, TOP DOWN, BOTTOM UP, with her best friend and partner, Dr. Joseph LaVacca.

Richard Ulm, DC

Dr. Richard Ulm is currently a chiropractic physician at and owner of the Columbus Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center in Ohio.  He is a former strength coach and post-collegiate athlete who actually qualified for both the 2004 and 2008 track and field Olympic trials.  His background in athletics has profoundly affected the way he treats and trains athletes.  In his practice, he sees the full spectrum of patients from elite athletes to the severely dysfunctional hoping to avoid (another) surgery.  Because of his background in a passion for weight training, he sees a high population of training sport athletes: CrossFit®, Power Lifting and Olympic Weightlifting.  His treatment style is very hands-on, blending a combination of active exercise with manual therapy and technique training. Dr. Ulm is an international instructor of Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) for the Prague School of Rehabilitation, an adjunct profession for National University of Health Sciences and an instructor for the Motion Palpation Institute. Seeing the need blend the medical and performance training fields, in 2012, he started Athlete Enhancement®, a company dedicated to helping coaches better train their athletes and medical providers to better treat their patients (

MAY 30 & 31, 2020

SAT 8-6 | SUN 8-2

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