Symposium 2022

Join us as we raise the bar in continuing education by getting some of the best minds in movement together for a weekend of collaboration and integration. Take in lectures from each of our amazing presenters on principles and strategies that make up a well-rounded R2P practitioner/coach and engage in real time demonstrations of patient/client flow to showcase how to ‘put it all together’ to help the person in front of you aka. N=1. To top it off, participate in a discussion panel and Q&A…you won’t want to miss the knowledge shared!

Symposium Presenters

Dr. Jeffrey Beran
Evolution Elite Performance Therapy
Dr. Beau Beard
The Farm Chiropractic
Dr. Cody Dimak
DC Parker Universtiy

Student Clubs

Student Clubs

You will learn how to assess each client for their current level of function and physical potential. Then, through proper application of higher order training principles, develop a rehabilitation program that will move the client through the rehab stages into performance training working to improve their maximum physical potential. 

You will also learn the importance of aerobic capacity as a foundation for performance and injury rehab, as well as applying in-depth diagnostics in order to guide loading strategies for injury and performance. You will learn how we can progressively load your patients who are experiencing pain and how to create a doctor-patient environment that helps promote actual motor learning and skill acquisition for the patient’s goals, whether it be in activities of daily living like putting heavy objects on a high shelf in the kitchen or in performance activities such as a one rep maximum for a barbell deadlift.

Dr. Jeff Beran, PT, DPT, ATC
Dr. Beau Beard, DC
Dr. Cody Dimak, DC

R2P Symposium Highlights

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