Professional Membership
$19.99 / Month
$9.99 / Month

Membership Benefits Include:
Yearly Symposium Access
Come join us at the must-attend event of the year displaying integrated approaches of multiple disciplines. Free to members to attend.
Affiliate Discounts
Discounts for many of our national supporters such as Perform Better, RockTape, MyRehabExercise, FMS/SFMA. Receive valuable discounts and special offers from affiliates, CareTrak Outcomes Software, and Mike Boyle’s Strength Coach
Affiliate Course Discounts
Many course hosts throughout North America offer R2P members a discount for attendance including select DNS courses, Perform Better, Selective Functional Movement Assessment, Functional Movement Screen, R2P Alliance with Students and select Prague School to Athletic Development courses.

Internal Site Resources
There’s nothing more valuable than continuing education, especially in the field of rehabilitation and performance. That’s why R2P is dedicated to bringing our members informative articles, challenging and inspiring programs and other pertinent information that will help them excel and grow as a professional. As part of the members-only resources on the website they are able to utilize self-care articles to provide resources for patients and clients.

Featured Referral Directory*
The R2P network provides cutting-edge, activity-based services for patients, athletes and anyone searching to increase their activity level and raise their quality of life. Its expert panel promotes individually planned and executed programs for patients and clients. Discover the incredible care you can receive from the highly experienced, innovative and caring Rehab2Performance professionals. *Not included in Student Membership.
R2P Certification
Members are afforded the opportunity to become certified in The Functional Approach as a trainer or a clinician. This certification establishes a member’s dedication to the profession and to the revolutionary thinking R2P was built on while further demonstrating a well-rounded understanding in all aspects of rehabilitation. Our certified professionals lead the way to delivering full-scale rehabilitation, which increases wellness, understanding and recovery for patients and clients.

Benefits of Student Membership and R2P Student Club Involvement
Network with leaders in the field
Become involved in your community
Gain real-life experience in clinics and form mentorships
Further your education and depth of understanding of rehabilitation
By joining your school’s R2P Club, you open up limitless opportunities for growth, discussion and education. As a student member, you’ll be exposed to not only an abundance of resources, both through industry articles and case studies but also through the experience and guidance of professional members. Take advantage of local R2P mentors and gain hands-on, in-clinic experience in the active model of care and patient center care. Assert yourself as a leader and an innovator with increased visibility through R2P. Connect with the next generation of rehab experts. Advance your career before graduation day. The possibilities are endless with R2P.

These are just a few of the advantages to joining R2P as a student member, join the movement and contact your local club to learn more about your school’s R2P club!

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