Athlete Enhancement

Athlete Enhancement

The mission of Athlete Enhancement is to help coaches and athletes maximize performance. Through an improved understanding of human movement, biomechanics, anatomy, and physiology we can all improve how we train. Training and programming more intelligently will ensure that athletes maximize performance with less risk of injury.

Beau Beard

Knowledge is only as powerful as the action it inspires. This is the mission of the educational content delivered via

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Kinetisense has been created to allow for an efficient and objective screen that allows for time to be spent on the training, rehabilitation, and education of the patient/client. The data from the Kinetisense provides insightful information on movement patterns that engage the patient/client in the assessment, training and rehab process. There no longer needs to be a trade-off between objectivity and efficiency and at this allows for better decisions, better care, improved compliance, better results, and in general a better experience for the patient/client and the practitioner/trainer.

The initial Kinetisense assessment reveals dysfunctions and compensations in the neuromuscular system that can be the cause pain and have the potential for injury. The Kinetisense assessment provides objective data on these compensations and allows for the practitioner to select the appropriate treatment plan and create the necessary protocols. A Kinetisense reassessment validates the prescribed treatment/correctives and provides objectivity into the improvement of ideal neuromuscular movement.

The ability to show patients graphs, images, reports have proven to be a great differentiator for Kinetisense clinicians. Patients leave the clinic with a feeling that they are being scientifically assessed and treated. The result is that the overall trust of the practitioner is elevated, and they become eager to return for their next appointment to see their progress. Patients will often show their Kinetisense reports to friends, family and other practitioners/trainers (GP’s, orthopedic surgeons, personal trainers, ATC’s etc.) and will generate new patient referrals for you and your clinic.

One of the great advantages of Kinetisense is that it is a highly portable system. Kinetisense clinicians use a variety of set-up options in their treatment rooms, exercise rehab rooms, and also out in the community. With Kinetisense you can do assessments outside of your clinic and “expand the walls of your clinic”. Many sports teams and organizations are looking for assessments to support their athletes.

  1. Increased efficiency in clinical assessment
  2. Increased objectivity in clinical assessment
  3. Increase your clinical billings through monetization strategies & CPT codes
  4. Learn how Kinetisense is an invaluable patient education tool
  5. Increase patient compliance and acquire new patients through assessment and referral strategies.
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The PACT Sense provides hard data to take the guesswork out of qualifying soft tissue quality. By measuring tissue stiffness & recoil, PT’s, bodyworkers, and trainers get the hard data they need to track progress and optimize rehabilitation & recovery programs.

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PRoZE Performance Nutrition is a performance nutrition company that has formulated (5) specific products to safely, effectively, and powerfully enhance performance and overall wellness. Using nature rich formulations, PRoZE combines various Herbs, Spices, Essential Oils, Plant Extracts, Vitamins & Minerals, and Super Antioxidants with a proprietary Phytocannabinoid Rich CBD Hemp Oil.  PRoZE formulations focus on Pain Relief/Muscle Recovery, Sleep, Immunity & Inflammation, Emotional Balance, and Focus. PRoZE is supported by over 22 Physicians, 31 Performance Specialist & Coaches, and dozens of clinical relationships such as The Mayo Clinic, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Vincere Cancer Center, Titleist Performance Center, and The Mental Health Network.

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RockTape Education – FMT+

Functional Movement Training (FMT) courses are taught by industry leading experts in movement assessment, performance and rehabilitation.

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Stick Mobility focuses on helping coaches, athletes, and medical practitioners. Each one of them views movement from a different perspective. We work with them to understand how to apply the Stick Mobility principles into how they view movement with the goal of helping them and their clients reach their full potential.

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WebExercises ExRx gives clinicians the ability to create concise personalized exercise programs, selecting quickly and easily from over 3,500 clinically accepted exercises and stretches from all body regions. Instruction sheets can be printed, or video delivered by email. The exercise libraries include orthopedic, geriatric, pregnancy, yoga, fitness and more. Users get access to thousands of exercises, clinically proven protocols, special libraries, and patient engagement resources for their practice or their social media channels.

With WebExercises, patients are more engaged and gain a clear understanding of their home exercise programs promoting more frequent and proper form improving outcomes. This program gives clinicians the ability to track compliance and review patient feedback. WebExercises allow clinicians to add their own exercises photos and videos.

  • Evidence based exercise programming
  • Share exercise Rx programs to any device
  • Patient mobile version for Apple or Android
  • Real-time feedback patient portal
  • 3,500+ exercises including specialty libraries
  • Exclusive TRX and Theraband content
  • Branded exercise handouts with your logo
  • Easily record exercise Rx notes to any EMR
  • Time saving patient education handouts
  • PostureScreen Mobile integration
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