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$90 / year

As the next generation of rehab experts, R2P emboldens its students to kick start their post-graduate education and connect with a network of industry professional and like-minded peers. Student memberships are only available to those currently attending a university or college and working toward a degree that focuses on rehabilitation.


$200 / year

Allied health professionals are vital to the treatment and success of training programs, and provide distinct insight that is instrumental to the industry’s growth. Allied health members are encouraged to become certified after their inaugural year of membership.


$200 / year

R2P clinicians concentrate on the active care model and strive to integrate the Functional Approach, a multifaceted approach to rehabilitation, into patient programs. By becoming certified, industry professionals assert themselves as dedicated thought-leaders and innovators, and showcase their well-rounded expertise in all aspects of rehab.

Benefits of Membership

Referral Directory

The R2P network provides cutting-edge, activity-based services for patients, athletes and anyone searching to increase their activity level and raise their quality of life. Its expert panel promotes individually planned and executed programs for patients and clients. Discover the incredible care you can receive from the highly experienced, innovative and caring Rehab 2 Performance professionals.

Affiliate Discounts

Receive valuable discounts and special offers from affiliates, CareTrak Outcomes Software, and Mike Boyle’s Strength Coach, as well as on education courses, including select DNS courses, Perform Better, Selective Functional Movement Assessment, Functional Movement Screen, R2P Alliance with Students and select Prague School to Athletic Development courses.

Self-Care Articles

There’s nothing more valuable than continuing education, especially in the field of rehabilitation and performance. That’s why R2P is dedicated to bringing our members informative articles, challenging and inspiring programs and other pertinent information that will help them excel and grow as a professional. As part of the members-only resources on the website they are able to utilize self-care articles to provide resources for patients and clients.

Discussion Forum

Gain access to a variety of forums that allow open dialogue among members. In the forums, members are able to inquire about programs, examine case studies, converse and debate new ideas and utilize fellow member experience and knowledge to apply to their practices. Beyond the valuable information that is exchanged, the forums are a place for encouragement, inspiration and enthusiasm, as professionals demonstrate the aspiration and meaning behind the mission of rehabilitation and advancement of movement.

R2P Certification

Most importantly, members are afforded the opportunity to become certified in The Functional Approach as a trainer or a clinician. This certification establishes a member's dedication to the profession and to the revolutionary thinking R2P was built on while further demonstrating a well-rounded understanding in all aspects of rehabilitation. Our certified professionals lead the way to delivering full-scale rehabilitation, which increases wellness, understanding and recovery for patients and clients.

Learn more about becoming certified:

The R2P Certification

The Functional Approach - Professional Certification

With a mission to create a network of clinicians, scientists and exercise professionals unparalleled in their fields, R2P’s Functional Approach Certification sets a standard to the highest degree. That’s why the curriculum is tailored to engage, educate and promote well-rounded best practices in rehabilitation and performance. Recognized to achieve optimal results, the Functional Approach implements practical principles that can be applied across a multitude of disciplines.  Certification requires completion of 150 hours of approved continuing education courses (below), 50 hrs from the R2P Core Curriculum, and 100 hrs from the Approved Elective Curriculum. We invite you to explore the detailed curriculum below:


Core curriculum for trainers and allied health professionals focus on movement, training and other practical fitness and wellness programs that directly correlate to day-to-day practices.

Core Curriculum (50 hours required):


Core curriculum for clinicians incorporates medical and scientific programs tailored to suit the wide range of issues clinicians face while diagnosing. The program aims to challenge and educate, while implementing new ideas and concepts.

Core Curriculum (50 hours required):

Approved Elective Curriculum (100 hours required)

Have you completed all of the requirements for certification? Apply for the practical skills test now!