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Rehab2Performance: The Next Generation

by MaryAnne Harrington on

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Craig Liebenson, DC has resigned his duties on the ISCRS/R2P steering committee to 'pursue new projects.' He will continue to serve on the Advisory Council to support the long-term vision of R2P. He founded ISCRS in 2002 (with Drs. Jon Mackoff and Ryan van Matre) at the request of Dr. Karel Lewit and Pr. Janda to help promote the functional, active approach to injury prevention, health promotion, rehab and athletic development. ISCRS started with a vision to create an international network of multidisciplinary health care providers (HCPs) committed to promoting evidence-informed self-care. It has evolved as fitness trainers, S&C coaches & athletic development experts gradually shifted from a traditional isolation/body building approach to more multiplanar/functional approach.

Dr. Liebenson has overseen R2P's growth as it has helped bridge the gap between rehab and performance and, with the help of fellow R2P leaders like Drs. Jason Brown, Neil Osborne and Stale Hauge, expanded to include members from all over the world and student R2P clubs at nearly 20 Health Sciences programs (Kinesiology, DC, PT). An international Who's Who of sport science, clinicians, & human performance specialists has been established as an Advisory Council for R2P. Nike and the ACSM's international Designed to Move agenda aimed at addressing the worldwide "inactivity crisis" have made R2P the first new Champion member added to their roster.

ISCRS/R2P was founded nearly 15 years ago with a mission to "think different" challenging the status quo of traditional silo-based approaches in health, fitness, pain management and athletic development R2P is just beginning to hit it's stride. Currently, Dr. Liebenson is focusing on other projects and plans to step aside so a new generation can take the lead. He is focused on his ongoing clinical practice - "I can't imagine myself in an Ivory Tower," writing (3rd edition of Rehabilitation of the Spine), and his Prague School to Athletic Development courses (PS2AD) which carry the work of his mentors Dr. Karel Lewit & Pr. Vladimir Janda to every corner of the world.

Meet the Next Generation!

Executive Director- Justin Dean, DC

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Justin Dean is a chiropractor in Portland, Oregon that specializes in stubborn athletic injuries, particularly in runners and powerlifters. Dr. Dean has been involved with R2P for several years and teaches an elective course called "Mastering The Clinical Audit Process." If you would like to know more about his work, check out his Facebook page "Back2Running."





Managing Director- MaryAnne Harrington, DC, MS


MaryAnne Harrington, DC, MS, is a Logan College of Chiropractic graduate who co-owns Maximum Performance Chiropractic in Costa Mesa, CA. She is active in the SoCal R2P community and teaches functional movement and anatomy courses at local workshops and yoga teacher trainings.








The new leadership of R2P is excited to contribute to this amazing organization, and continue the efforts to serve its mission.  Stay tuned for announcements of the exciting things to come!

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